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Omron Healthcare is the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of digital blood pressure monitors for home use.


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Omron Blood Pressure Monitors

Omron's patented technologies include "Intellisense", which provides a fast, accurate and comfortable way of monitoring blood pressure.

Omron encourages daily monitoring of blood pressure to aid a doctor in monitoring overall heart health. The most important feature of Omron blood pressure monitors is that they consistently provide accurate results. This is why every Omron blood pressure monitor has been factory tested, evaluated and proven to meet the rigorous safety and accuracy standards set by independent organisations globally.

Omron offers a range of monitors including upper arm and wrist units, designed to offer both accuracy and convenience. Omron blood pressure monitors are all easy to use and are provided with local support and service.

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USB Connectivity, Dual User Function, Software Supported OS up to Windows 7
OMRON leads the industry with the M10-IT. This fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor features Intellisense technology & special...

Top of the Range!, 90 Reading Memory, Easy Fit Medium to Large Cuff
Omron Ultra Premium Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7320 The Omron Ultra Premium blood pressure monitor is the top of the range device,...

Auto-Position Sensor, Ultra Thin Design, BP Level Indicator
Omron Premium Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-6221 The Omron Premium Wrist monitor is slim and more discrete for readings anywhere, any time. The...

Enhanced Intellisense, Cuff Wrapping Guide, BP Level Indicator
Omron Premium Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7322 The Omron Premium home blood pressure monitor has advanced features, providing users with...

Advanced Averaging, Medium to Large Cuff Included, Irregular Heartbeat Detection
Omron Deluxe Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7130 The Omron Deluxe blood pressure monitor provides simple, reliable and accurate blood pressure...

One Touch Use, 30 Memory Storage , Small & Compact Design
Omron Standard Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7121 The Omron Standard blood pressure monitor provides simple and accurate blood pressure...

One Touch Use, 30 Memory Storage, Cuff Wrapping Guide
Omron Basic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-6121 The Omron Basic Wrist monitor is an easy to use blood pressure monitor that is ideal for...

$83.95 $49.95
Hypertension Indicator, Portable and Compact, 21 Memory Storage
Omron Manual Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-4030 The Omron manual blood pressure monitor is a manually inflated device providing simple and...